Begins at Brian's Safehouse


The Road to Recovery

Donate to the Driveway Project and your donation will be doubled-

over $25,000

in matching funds available!

For almost 14 years, ​Brian's Safehouse has been rescuing men with Substance Use Disorders and helping them rebuild their lives.  We need your help with the road to recovery~the literal road:  our 60 year old driveway, built as a residential drive and the same one we are using today, is in need of a complete overhaul.  We have MATCHING FUNDS to help meet this expense.  That means your donation will be maximized as every dollar that is given will be matched by a donor who has committed to providing another dollar to help us keep men on the Road to Recovery.

With more than 70 individuals having graduated from both the men's and women's programs, our program has withstood the test of time.  Unfortunately, after 60 years of residential and now commercial use, our driveway can no longer meet our needs.  Will you give today?