List Each Size & Color
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List Each Size & Color
Phone Number Required

All T-shirts are $20; free shipping is included.  All orders must include a valid phone number and mailing address!  For local orders, we will notify you of when you can pick up your t-shirt(s) - T-Shirts should be ready around the third week in September.  

List the quantity, size, and color for each shirt; specify adult or children's.  If not listed, ADULT will be ordered/sent - while listing sizes, etc., do not click Enter. (It will finish your order!).

If you need to provide additional information, please email Leslie Pease at   

Colors available:  Green, Charcoal Gray, and Navy Blue

Sizes available:   

​        YOUTH:  Small (6-8), Medium (10-12), Large (14-16)

​        ADULT:  Small through 6X.

BRIAN'S SAFEHOUSE SHIRTS:                                         SPARROW'S NEST SHIRTS:  

T-Shirt Designs will be similar to the one shown; design is on the front.  You can order a Brian's Safehouse design and/or Sparrow's Nest.  Again, the designs will be similar to the one shown.  T-shirt colors are green, charcoal gray, and navy blue.