Do you want to donate to brian's safehouse and receive wv tax credits?

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Please make a note on paypal form "NIp credits"

Our NIP credits have all been issued for this year. We will reissue again in the fall! Please consider donating to our general fund! 

* Donations of $500 or more are required. Tax Credits can be used to reduce your personal or business tax liability by up to half each year for up to five years. Other rules apply.

*Please see the NIP Frequently Asked Questions or call us to learn the benefits and the NIP requirements for donations and voucher usage. 


For any Questions or additional information please contact 304.763.7655
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You Can Help Save Lives!

donations received by december 31 can be used on your 2016 Taxes. but hurry! Credits are limited!

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Make a donation and get half back*

The state of West Virginia is partnering with Brian's Safehouse in the fight against addiction by offering tax credits to individuals and businesses making donations of $500 or more* to the Brian's Safehouse Expansion Project. This exciting program provides tax credits in the amount of half your donation and can be used to pay up to half of your WV taxes each year. 

Why Donate to Brian's Safehouse?

In addition to receiving half your money back from the state of West Virginia in the form of tax credits, you can still count your full donation on your itemized federal taxes-and you provide much needed funds to help in the fight against addiction. Our young people are dying. Overdoses, suicide, and even drug related murders fill our local news. We all have friends or family who are affected. In West Virginia, our children suffer as one or both parents become wrapped up in feeding their addiction.

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